Attitude & Behaviour - Training Program

Employee Attitude and Behaviour Training Services / Solutions

A Training Program For Real Change


MODULE 1: Course Introduction and Overview

Good and Bad Behaviour Types

Learning outcomes: Understand aggressive, passive, passive aggressive and assertive behaviour and the effects they have.

  •   How to Change Your Life
  •   Assertive Behaviour
  •   The Benefits of Assertiveness
  •   Passive behaviour
  •   Aggressive Behaviour
  •   Passive-Aggressive Behaviour

Recognising and Dealing with Bad Behaviour

Learning outcomes: Recognise aggressive, passive and passive aggressive behaviour and know how to deal with them

  •   Recognising and Dealing with Passive Behaviour
  •   Recognising and Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour
  •   The LEEP Model for Handling Aggression
  •   Recognising and Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Behaviour

Assertiveness and You – An Honest Look at Yourself

Learning outcomes: Self-reflection – identify what triggers your reactions and recognise the benefits of assertive behaviour.

  •   Self Reflection
  •   How Others Perceive You
  •   Faulty Assumptions
  •   How Being Assertive Will Help You

Your Inner Voice: Being More Confident

Learning outcomes: The inner dialogue, recognising how our own thinking can positively or negatively affect the way we react to situations.

  •   Your Inner Voice: What Does it Say?
  •   Reprogramming Your Inner Voice
  •   The Power of Positive Thought
  •   Success Generates Success

Assertive Body Language

Learning outcomes: Understand the importance of how body language can impact on behaviours.

  •   Demonstrating Assertive Body Language
  •   Body Language as Part of Communication
  •   Making Sense of Body Language
  •   The Nature of Assertive Body Language

Three Steps to Being Assertive

Learning outcomes: Learn a simple three step process on which you can base all your assertive communication.

  •   Finding the Right Words
  •   Guidelines for Assertive Language
  •   The Three Step Approach to Being Assertive

Proven Assertiveness Techniques

Learning outcomes: Be able to use a number of proven techniques such as reflecting, fogging and the broken record can be used in assertive communication.

  •   “What Would You Do in My Shoes?”
  •   Reflecting/Playback
  •   Fogging
  •   Broken Record
  •   Positive and Negative Enquiry
  •   Asking for More Time
  •   Explaining the Consequences
  •   Self-Disclosure
  •   The Power of Silence
  •   “What If”
  •   “What do You Think?”

Putting Assertiveness into Action

Learning outcomes: Learn how to negotiate for Win-Win outcomes, say “no” nicely, and make requests that will help you achieve your own objectives

  •   Assertive Negotiating
  •   Win-Win Outcomes
  •   Saying “No” Nicely
  •   Making Requests Assertively
  •   Putting Assertiveness into Action

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