Secret Of Success

Secret of Success


Interview Techniques

  •   Make a good First Impression: Always be prepared with a professional looking outfit and make sure you’re well groomed. Meet the interviewer with confident smile and shake hands. Avoid being late or always reach 15minutes before your interview schedule.
  •   Do research about the company and employer before your interview: Start by checking out its website, social media profiles and other literature available online. Get a picture of the company’s goal and their product or service and what it stands for.
  •   Sell your skills and abilities: As the competition is fierce, you have to demonstrate why you’re the best candidate for the job. You need to know your CV and the job description inside out. Pick examples of your experience or education that demonstrate not only about why you’d be successful in that particular role but also for the company and its values.
  •   Use the STAR Method: Illustrate your skills with a support of an example to prove to the interviewer that your skills are genuine. These are the four stages of a STAR technique:
    •   Situation – Here, give some content to the story you are about to narrate, outline where you were and why you were there.
    •   Task – Then, reveal the task and also the challenges whilst doing it.
    •   Action – Next, explain the actions you took to complete the task and how you tackled the challenges you faced.
    •   Result – Finally, reveal outcome of the task while demonstrating your skills, what you achieved and also anything you learnt from the situation.
  •   Aim to be calm and confident, so be aware of your breathing throughout. If you begin to feel stressed, take a few subtle deep breaths. Listen carefully to the interviewer and focus on the answers you’ve prepared.
  •   Build rapport with your interviewer as an individual and not just as another candidate. There are few ways to follow.
  •   Listen carefully to your interviewer because that will allow you to pick up on anything they might say about their hobbies or interests that you can refer to later in the interview or when you follow up.
  •   Research the latest trends about your particular sector and start in depth conversation about it. Try to turn your interview into more of a conversation than a interview-style Q and A.
  •   End your interview on a positive note: Be sure to thank them for taking the time to meet you and tell them that you look forward to hearing from them soon. Make sure you ask for feedback and do Exit on a handshake.

Book to Read For Interviews:

These book talks about how to create an eye-catching résumé, cover letter and how to improve your networking, interviewing, and negotiating skills, and on how to find your ideal career.

  •   What Color is Your Parachute? – Richard N. Bolles’
  •   How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie’s
  •   Success in Interview – Written by Anand Ganguly and published by RPH
  •   The Art of the Interview: The Perfect Answers to Every Interview Question – James Storey,
  •   60 Seconds and You’re Hired! – Robin Ryan

Grooming Tips

  •   Always allow yourself plenty of time to choose your outfit in advance.
  •   Outfit preparation lets you relax on the day of your interview and enables you to deal with any wardrobe mishaps.
  •   Many offices and corporate environments operate in traditional business attire, in which you should go for a conservative look; think tailoring, suits, shirts, ties, dresses, blazers and leather shoes. If it’s more like creative or a startup, you can opt for something a little more casual.
  •   It’s not necessary to wear heels to look the part, but if you do opt for a bit of height, make sure you can walk in your shoes comfortably. Comfort should always be applied to your complete outfit. Dressing up sharply can help you to feel more confident and also convey professionalism even if the thought of an interview makes you feel like nervousness.
  •   While considering your jewellery, less is more as you simply want your accessories to complement your outfit.
  •   Opt for clothes and shoes that are plain and muted in color, such as grey, blue, black, brown and white.
  •   Make sure your hair is neat and tidy, and also that facial hair is trimmed or clean-shaven.
  •   Make sure your clothes should be well-ironed with no creases or crumples too.
  •   Try not to overdo on perfume or aftershave; it can be overpowering, especially in an interview room and may result in headaches all around.

Personality Development Tips

  •   Always come prepared and relaxed by practicing answering common interview question beforehand to boost your confidence.
  •   Demonstrate confidence right away: Always greet each person you meet with a friendly handshake and warm smile.
  •   Demonstrate your confidence by Body language:
  •   Stay calm and still with good posture.
  •   Always stand or sit up straight and try to avoid any nervous habits (tapping your foot, biting your nails, etc.).
  •   Try not to cross your arms, as this will make you look unapproachable.
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